Metis Digital Type Foundry is a highly innovative and dynamic type foundry headquartered in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of typographic design, we specialise in creating visually distinct typefaces that captivate and inspire.

Founded in 2018 as an extension of our design practice, Metis was conceived as a platform to further explore and develop conceptual and expressive typography that had originated from our studio. Over the years, our dedication to pushing the limits of typographic expression has propelled us to challenge conventional notions of what a font should be, resulting in truly groundbreaking and captivating typeface designs.

As we embark on a new chapter of our creative journey, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest endeavour: This exciting new foundry represents our commitment to expanding our offerings and catering to a wider range of design needs. With Modern Type, we aim to build stronger foundational knowledge of non-euro centric perspectives that are rooted in cultural context and multi-script outcomes.

At Metis and Modern Type (MTMF™), we strive to redefine the possibilities of typographic design, infusing each typeface with creativity, innovation, and a unique visual narrative. Join us on this exhilarating adventure as we continue to shape the future of typography.

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Tuesday Oct 5 2021