Typodarium 2019

November 6, 2018

Well I guess we are headed towards the end of the year… and in that prep for the new year starts to creep its way on in to our collective minds. One question comes to everyones mind… how are you going to keep track of what day it is and get some typographic eye candy at the same time? Well maybe not everyones but it is still a good question and this is about where Typodarium can help. Typodarium is a calendar booklet showcasing a different typeface/ and designer for every day of the year. This up coming year has some amazing contributions from the likes of Bureau Mirko Borsche, B-B bureau, Dinamo, Studio Jimbo as well as 2 contributions from Studio-io. We are pretty excited to be involved in this project again and we are looking forward to both February 22 and May 15.

Typodarium is the product of Verlag Hermann Schmidt.

You can grab yourself a copy of it from here.