TDF & Pyxis

November 20, 2018

Way back in 2014 we made a little poster for @stablemusic for a local show in Melbourne. The poster features a very rough sketch of a playful, irreverent and joyous typeface that didn’t have a name. With jagged edges and striking geometry the typeface had a narrow set of angles, forms and shapes to it and oddly a nice flow.

Looking back on it now it was definitely a quick experiment with no real plans for the future, however a year later we reassessed this and built out the entire character set. Feeling really energised about the whole project a couple more weights followed (light & Heavy).

By early 2017 we were pretty much done & dusted with Pyxis and thats where it stood for a long while. With plans to release it coming and going with projects and life interrupting progress and plans to release them. Finally we are here now and Pyxis now has a home on the wonderful TDF (the designers foundry).

Go check it out – have fun be odd.



Additionally we are looking at producing a small run of type specimens / Posters for Pyxis. Please email us if you are keen to get a hold of one.

Also here is the original Poster.