Stable Music Co. logo

This identity all starts with a typeface, created independently by io in our spare time and just waiting for the perfect application. The typeface references early arcade game typography, primitive digital typography, glitch art as well as button-grid-style step sequencers.


It is based on a simple 3 x 4 grid system. Each of the 12 elements within the grid acts like binary in that each unit within the system is either on or off. Each of the characters of Stable have been tracked together to join them into one solid form so the resulting logotype feels like a hidden code in need of decrypting. The viewer who pays attention and takes the time to decipher the code is rewarded with being able to see the logo as meaningful typography.

Stable has a hidden quality about them; it’s a company behind many great gigs, artists and events but one that keeps a low profile and prefers to live within the fringe.

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