Peter Haars

May 16, 2018

Occasionally when I’m trawling through some reference material i will be stopped by an image. This often happens with typography, layout and general design but can also happen with illustration. In this case it was a single image of an old book cover – it had a lot going for it, an intense sci-fi illustration, really interesting type and more gradients than you could poke a stick at. See below —


It was creepy, curious and satisfying to look at. This prompted further investigation and what i found was an absolute treasure trove of amazing book covers, posters and illustrations by German-Norwegian graphic designer/ illustrator and author – Peter Haars. Below is a bunch of covers he created for Publishing company Lanterne. Simply incredible stuff that has really stood the test of time.


See heaps more of his and other peoples work on Øyvind’s flickr stream. You will not be disappointed. We also created a little tribute to Peter Haars on our instagram account.