Gertrudes Typography

June 29, 2017

io has been busy again with The Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF). This year we have overhauled the identity with new colours, logo, visual treatment, animation (thanks to WWZRD6), website (coming soon) and typeface.

Based on the original logo type of the festival, io has created some new geometric forms to create a full character set, lowercase and uppercase along with numerals and contextual ligatures.

The typeface itself is a geometric sans serif with a whole heap of built in character to reflect the eclectic nature of the street and festival. Stacked lowercase g’s, right angled lowercase r’s and sawn of angles on the upper case A N and M work together to form the weirdness that is Gertrudes Bold.

It has recently been spotted on Gertrude street for a field test. Keep an eye out for more soon and for the festivals itself — from July 21 – 30 all along Gertrude Street in Fitzroy.

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