Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2017 branding

Running for a week during winter, the Gertrude Street Projection Festival is a beacon of warm visual delight that melts away them rainy blues. Situated in the heart of Fitzroy the festival hosts over 100 performances from many local and international artists working in the medium of light.

2017 saw the festivals 10th anniversary and to mark the occasion the organisers wanted to overhaul the look and feel to combine nostalgia and recognition of the past, and to imagine what lies in store for the festivals future. Additionally the new identity needed to respond to the festivals theme: unfurling futures.



A big part of this task for us was to reflect on the festivals past and see where we could push the visuals forward. We hoped to inject a sense of fun, excitement and play.

Looking back to the previous festivals we were able to extract a core colour palette of yellow, pink, black and white and then looked to capture what makes projection art unique and endlessly changing. The interaction between projected light and uneven surfaces was replicated in the design by creating a series of flat shapes that were given dimension by imposing the letters GSPF across them.

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