Dot 19

Dot nineteen was typeface designed and developed as part of #36daysoftype – A design challenge to create a new letter each day for 36 days.

The goal for our typeface was to create a typeface that pushed the boundaries of each letterform, to create something challenging in both creating and reading, something that was equally typography and illustration.

Initial sketches came about from re-interpreting 70s display typefaces, where the letterforms grew from negative space from each character. Mojo std is a good example of this, where each letter feels like it is carved from a single solid block. Our goal was to use a similar technique to generate each character often resulting in some curious and odd forms.

With 236 characters in total, Dot19 is both heavy and sharp.


— 230+ Characters
— Uppercase and Alternatives
— Numbers
— Punctuation & Symbols
Dot19 is now available to buy from Metis Foundry

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