May 21, 2019

Dot nineteen was typeface designed and developed as part of #36daysoftype – A design challenge to create a new letter each day for 36 days.

The goal for our typeface was to create a typeface that pushed the boundaries of each letterform, to create something challenging in both creating and reading, something that was equally typography and illustration.

Have a read and test the typeface out at Metis Foundry

You can also buy Dot19 from Metis Foundry.




April 23, 2019

Texel has had a lovely little write up on the AIGA website as part of its Type Tuesday series. In it we discuss the origins of Texel, why it came to be and where its name came from.

Here is the link and read on.

You can also buy Texel from Metis Foundry.



Alexandro Lives

April 9, 2019

Our latest typeface — Alexandro is now live and ready to live on your hard drive. 

Alexandro is a studio initiated illustrative display typeface. It is the direct response to the more serious projects that the studio has taken on recently. There was a yearning to create something bold, something expressive, something curious and something down right weird. Alexandro is exactly this – it treats each character as that, a character or a little being or monster.


Additionally, we have a special offer for the first 25 people to buy the bundled set of Alexandro (pictured above) will recieve a limited edition Alexandro poster/type specimen for free!

Alexandro is now available from Metis Digital Type Foundry


Alexandro Signup

February 6, 2019

Good news! We are nearing the final stages of development of Alexandro meaning – the release is just around the corner. We are looking to print some specimen/ Posters for the release. There will be a special present for the very first few people who purchase the set.

Sign up to be the first in line to hear about the release date.



AIGA Pyxis Feature

January 23, 2019

We are excited to share with you the little discussion with AIGA regarding our latest release with T:D:F (The designers Foundry). Pyxis was described as a Charming, Oddball Font With Its Letters All Askew and slightly dysfunctional, but ever endearing. Good times!  Read the whole interview here and get the typeface with all its oddness, weirdness and quirks from TDF.




January 15, 2019

At the end of each year we take a look at a the year that was. We take some time to appreciate our collaborators, projects and clients that we have worked with over the previous 12 months. Typography and Posters form a core section of the studios output. Below are a few of our favourite typefaces and posters that we worked on last year.



TDF & Pyxis

November 20, 2018

Way back in 2014 we made a little poster for @stablemusic for a local show in Melbourne. The poster features a very rough sketch of a playful, irreverent and joyous typeface that didn’t have a name. With jagged edges and striking geometry the typeface had a narrow set of angles, forms and shapes to it and oddly a nice flow.

Looking back on it now it was definitely a quick experiment with no real plans for the future, however a year later we reassessed this and built out the entire character set. Feeling really energised about the whole project a couple more weights followed (light & Heavy).

By early 2017 we were pretty much done & dusted with Pyxis and thats where it stood for a long while. With plans to release it coming and going with projects and life interrupting progress and plans to release them. Finally we are here now and Pyxis now has a home on the wonderful TDF (the designers foundry).

Go check it out – have fun be odd.



Additionally we are looking at producing a small run of type specimens / Posters for Pyxis. Please email us if you are keen to get a hold of one.

Also here is the original Poster.

Typodarium 2019

November 6, 2018

Well I guess we are headed towards the end of the year… and in that prep for the new year starts to creep its way on in to our collective minds. One question comes to everyones mind… how are you going to keep track of what day it is and get some typographic eye candy at the same time? Well maybe not everyones but it is still a good question and this is about where Typodarium can help. Typodarium is a calendar booklet showcasing a different typeface/ and designer for every day of the year. This up coming year has some amazing contributions from the likes of Bureau Mirko Borsche, B-B bureau, Dinamo, Studio Jimbo as well as 2 contributions from Studio-io. We are pretty excited to be involved in this project again and we are looking forward to both February 22 and May 15.

Typodarium is the product of Verlag Hermann Schmidt.

You can grab yourself a copy of it from here.