3 Ravens craft beer rebrand

3 Ravens is Melbourne’s oldest independent brewery, producing some of Australia’s finest craft beer. The team recently decided to re-evaluate their range and wanted to refine their inconsistent packaging. This presented the company with an opportunity to look at their brand as a whole. The task the studio was given was to explore the mythology behind the name, present the business in a more modern way while keeping their roots and to review and refresh their entire range of beer labels.



The goal was to expand the appeal of the brewery to a more savvy, younger craft beer drinker whilst not alienating their existing die hard fans of their traditional and seasonal releases.

The result is an evolution of their old brand mark, that streamlines the many illustrative elements into a contemporary, bespoke 3. Within the icon there are three raven heads tying into the mythology behind their name.

This new look feels progressive but acknowledges the brewery’s past and gives them the flexibility to be able to adapt to the large product range, and frequent small batch releases.

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