Acid Now

November 2, 2017

Super excited to be working on another label for 3Ravens. This new one is called Acid – described as a refreshing, tropical, squelchy sour beer.

Taking references from deep psychedelic 60s Art – in particular artists like Victor Moscoso & Wes Wilson, io developed a loose mouldable logo that can be squished in to a variety of simple geometric shapes. The label also features two separate front faces that are inverted… makes more sense when you have it in your hand.

Keep an eye out for it it was launched last week.




The Design Kids

October 1, 2017

We had a bit of a chat with The Design Kids last week where we discussed things like our team hierarchy, He-Man and Our studio and some of our personal projects.

Have a read.


Gertrudes Typography

June 29, 2017

io has been busy again with The Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF). This year we have overhauled the identity with new colours, logo, visual treatment, animation (thanks to WWZRD6), website (coming soon) and typeface.

Based on the original logo type of the festival, io has created some new geometric forms to create a full character set, lowercase and uppercase along with numerals and contextual ligatures.

The typeface itself is a geometric sans serif with a whole heap of built in character to reflect the eclectic nature of the street and festival. Stacked lowercase g’s, right angled lowercase r’s and sawn of angles on the upper case A N and M work together to form the weirdness that is Gertrudes Bold.

It has recently been spotted on Gertrude street for a field test. Keep an eye out for more soon and for the festivals itself — from July 21 – 30 all along Gertrude Street in Fitzroy.

more info at


Inner Orbit

April 2, 2017

We have another ongoing project – this time featured on our Facebook page called Inner Orbit. Playing around with the 360 panorama feature on Facebook, we’re generating our very own immersive io worlds. Check them out here and follow us on Facebook to see them as they go live. There will be one per lunar cycle.

View Inner Orbit on our Facebook page and enjoy.

Optimumly — GQ Magazine

February 12, 2017

We got word early this year that Optimum Compress was featured in the latest issue of GQ Magazine. We are super excited to see Optimum Compress out there in the wide world and even more excited to see it published in GQ – Still even more excited to see BD Wong featured next to our typeface.

Please let us know if you see Optimum Compress out there in the world – we’d love to see and share it.

Wooo – more updates from us soon… its early in the year and we are trying already catching up.

Envelope Security Patterns

January 8, 2017

The internet is basically a sea of randomness inhabited by some truly terrible, weird, funny and stupid things. Occasionally, very occasionally, you stumble upon utter gold and it feels incredible.

I happened upon this flickr feed of envelope security patterns; the part of the mail that basically no one pays attention to. I’m talking about the inside of the envelope. These patterns are designed to help stop people from reading the contents of your mail through the envelope – and they work pretty well!

Now someone with an eye for a niche is collecting the best ones they’ve come across and are collating them here.

Take a peek here.

AGDA Awards 2016

November 21, 2016

AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) held its annual awards gala over the weekend in Adelaide. Having been selected as a finalist in 4 categories for Printed Brochure (Brook St Development), Typography (Optimum Compress), Brand Expression (8bit instore) and Self Promotion (The Endless Trail) it was super exciting to attend.

io was lucky enough to walk away with a distinction (and good looking wooden pyramid) for promotional posters at 8bit.

We created a number of in-store posters to advertise their specials, events and promotions across the year that encapsulated all the colour and gaming-puns that make up the 8bit brand. 

Laughing, eating and drinking (I think they call it ‘networking’) with colleagues across Australia at the Gala made us feel very honoured to receive this award. Really looking forward to Canberra next year!


November 15, 2016

io was asked by Shillington College to share some experiences with their students a few months ago. We looked at some longer and shorter form projects – how they resulted, the difficulties with both of them. We chose to speak about 8Bit and about Thornbury Lager. Very different projects both in timings, budgets and challenges. It was great to be able to share the ins and outs of both the projects with the students at Shillington – So many great questions.

You can read more about what we spoke about here.